Sketch Chatbot UI Kit


Kickstart your next chatbot project with my Sketch Chatbot UI Kit. With over 75 different Shared Styles, Text Styles and Symbols, this UI kit is easy to use, scalable and easy to update to create your own unique look/feel in seconds.

Sketch Chatbot UI Kit includes:

  • .sketch file (version 50.2)
  • Easy to use global Colour Palette Generator including tints (whites) and shade variations
  • 21 text styles setup (including WCAG AA standards & colour palette tips) 
  • 39 button styles and shapes (square, round, pill buttons in both filled and outline styles setup as symbols) 
  • 20 different text input styles with validation states (square, round, pill and material design variations)
  • 8 example chatbot modules with various states such as (loading, initial welcome message, rich media card snippets, button navigation examples, inline forms and more)
  • Bespoke icons in addition to the free NOVA icon pack used to create the Sketch Chatbot UI Kit
  • NEW - Slide out chat window when chat icon active


  • Desktop app-focused landing page to help you see how you chatbot looks in a desktop website situation
  • Load-in animation .principle file to help you showcase your animation ideas to your client/s or developers.
  • NEW - Slide out chat window when chat icon is activated

To extend the icons in this UI kit I've used the free NOVA icon pack by the webalys team. There icons are amazing in the level of detail they can get in such small spaces, how easy they work in sketch and the personality they add to your project in seconds.

If you're not completely satisfied, I have a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Package includes .sketch and .principle animation files

.sketch file
principle file
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Sketch Chatbot UI Kit

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